Without love, art is only technique. This sentence has a lot of value for Mukibrain. He considers that everything deprived of love loses its meaning and becomes barren. This is his definition of art and his feeling since his earliest childhood. That’s why he found refuge in acrobatic BMX at the age of 12, an original and unknown sport in which he rediscovers a form of liberty and creativity.

He took part very quickly in many competitions and shows. Acrobatic BMX has for him a great value and his potential could be enriched only through different cultural stops. He travels a lot in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East for his competitions and performances. He met many artists and sportsmen. The exchange of these universes will be decisive for his future creative desires.


The acrobatic combination, the theatrical scene, the bike circular motion, the show "velocity": an identity is told between muddy path and concrete square. The balance hangs by a thread between performance, speed and technique.

The scene "cabaret, theatre" leads him on different routes. He took one of them to participate in the 25th anniversary of Le Cirque du Soleil in Montréal.
But the artist doesn’t stop there, passionate about cinema since his childhood. He directed his first short movie Hide in 2012. A complete work was done; writing, directing, acting, composer and editing.

Nowadays Muki is an artist with a true identity. He develops his creativity and his originality throughout his artistic creations, cinematographic projects, acrobatic performances, sculpture, and many more…

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